The vision of the Pistang Pilipino 2017 sa Christchurch (PP2017SC) is to gather the Federation of Filipino Associations, Societies and Clubs in New Zealand members together in demonstrating unity and solidarity by using the power of togetherness and the strength of friendship. This encapsulates our plan to welcome the members as they visit Christchurch city so all can fully integrate and participate in the three-day celebration.


Our mission is to remind our people where they come from, where they are now and where they are heading tomorrow. These can be achieved by encouraging them to appreciate our culture through our language, food, arts, fashion and practices.


Our organization is guided by the following values:

  1. Respect
  2. Equality
  3. Advancement include leadership and skills
  4. Fair opportunity


We recognize that each person has worth and deserves to be understood and respected by listening to their ideas, opinions, and suggestions irrespective of differences in skills, talent, occupation and age.


We recognize the importance of creating a working environment that invites the whole community to participate in the coming event regardless of club affiliation, occupation, religion and immigration status in building an ideal environment to a successful weekend. Participation can be as a committee leader, member, staff, volunteer and a participant.


Any person can improve their circumstances by improving their skills. This can be achieved by encouraging them to face challenges that will motivate them to learn new things as part of their professional growth.

These values are the ethos by which our team will be guided internally and in seeking to fulfill its mission in the Pistang Pilipino 2017 sa Christchurch organisation. We want to see the value system reflected in our work and adopted by our volunteers, leaders and in the community we work with.

Fair Opportunity

Each person deserves a chance to express their creativity and productivity without being subjugated to unfair judgement and or giving negative meaning to actions deemed outside the normal standard of expectation. No person should be denied this right by policy or procedure of policies.

Immediate Goals of PP2017SC

We identify key issues to begin us on our journey of growth:

  1. Partnership and building alliance with other organisations in the community.
  2. Recruitment of volunteers.
  3. Identifying sponsors who have intentions to assist cover expenses.
  4. Building capacity through fundraising.
  5. Building info pack for info dissemination and promotional activities.

Organising promotional and networking events with the members of the community, in the cities around New Zealand, in the Philippines and other countries.

Management Structure

Org Chart1